Jul. 6th, 2009

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well, the Grandma move went far more smoothly then we had any reason to think it would, and I'm very relived...

On the other hand, I feel like CRAP, cause I have something that should have been mailed out on like, June 25th or 26th, but I was sick, then we had to move grandma, and now I'm not going to get it mailed till at least Tuesday. It's staying here in Cali, too, so I'm *sure* the person it should be going to is looking for it. I emailed them to let them know, and to apologise for the delay, but haven't heard back yet. :/

Oh, and let me tell you all about the *insane* offer I got for some of my ponies while in Vegas; $3,000 for my Bluebelle army, can you believe it!? They are NOT worth that at all, not by any stretch! The offer was actually made to Austin, I was sick for half the con, and Austin ordered me to stay in bed, then went down and watched my table for me on Sunday. <3 He told her no, cause my Bluebelles are special, and not for sale. You have NO idea how glad I am that I didn't have to make *that* decision!
The money would be nice, *man* would it be nice, but well, I *know* I would have regretted taking it. I can't replace my army; I own 9 of the known factory error Bluebelles and there's somewhere around 20 to 30 existing? Oddly, as rare as they are, they only go for $120, max, on auction. Of my 9, I've paid $80 for one, and traded about a $70-80 pony for another. The other 7, well, one was free, one was $2.00, the rest were somewhere around $20 each.

Heh, look out, too; ponies are addicting. Austin just signed up for the mlparena tonight; he fell in love with the customs at the fair, and now wants to commision a whole set based off the classic Nintendo games: Mario, Luigi, and Link, from Zelda, for starters...

Also, how long ago was Bob's twitter deleted, guys? how did I miss this happening? I heard about Dixie getting killed, of course, but I missed that he deleted his twitter?


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