Aug. 9th, 2009

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I've been toying with the idea of doing that for a few months now. However, I can't come up with 101 goals, and 1,001 days is a *long* time, I knwo myself. I'd give up partway through, and be all disappointed in myself. So I decided to modify it by cutting it in half!

I am, starting on August 19th, starting a '50 Goals in 500 days' project! If I start on that date, it will end on 01/01/11, so that was the date I decided on; it'll be easy to remember that way!

So, here's my list, lol:

cut to save your flists! )

I have it saved in Googledocs, but I want to put it here, too; if I put it in enough places, I will remember to stick to it, right? I hope?

In other news, I am trying to be good and not spoil anything about Hot Mess, because since I preordered it, I got it yesterday, so I'm being even quieter then normal on twitter, lol.

In other kinds of news, I am making curtains for the kitchen and back bedroom! For the kitchen, it's pretty gold fabric with paler striped sections that have dark grey pinstripes, and occasional roses...not really my style, lol, but it goes with the wallpaper and yellow painted cabinets nicely, and is better then mis-matched ones(currently, one with tiny, multicolored teacups, and one with blue roses...yeah)

for the back bedroom, a slightly darker gold with a pretty vine and leaf pattern, over stripes and's hard to describe! Again, not quite my style, but the ones I had made(mint green and black panels, mint/black/mint, in each window) shrank too much to use, lol: they are now about 2 inches too short and an inch or two too narrow, since they got dried in the dryer which is a very *good* dryer and gets *very* hot!

In pony news, I have a *very gorgeous Mexican Bluebelle on it's way, and I think I found someone to do the Warning Mark custom; she can take a vague idea and come up with some really interesting ponies, so I'll be curious to see what I end up with, lol! I still have yet to receive the Car Crash Hearts one, the customiser had some rl issues interfere, and then she couldn't get the neck brace to cooperate!


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