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I think it's time to update this; most people I friend these days have a clue why, lol; I'm not as shy with comments anymore, so, yeah.

1. Bandom is a huge part of my lj. I'm not a writer, or an artist, or anything myself, but bandom is a very big part of my life right now. The bands, the friends I've made, the music, everything. I don't know what I did pre-bandom with all my free time, lol. Usually, when I talk about bandom, I'm talking about all of it: bands, concerts, online shenanigans by bands, online shenanigans like the 'YSOSRS, Bandom?' thing, my bandom friends, fanfics, picspams, faily bandom-related events, and so on.

Oh, and since this has been coming up in a lot of friends journals, to me, bandom= all of DecayDance, a chunk of FBR, My Chemical Romance, and if a fic is based on a particular tour, well, any band also on that tour is fair game to use. I also tend to think of it as including bands that tour *with* decayDance bands more often than not, such as We The Kings, who just ended a tour with TAI..., and have also toured with the Cab and Cobra Starship; most of their tours have been with a decayDance band! Oddly enough, I also tend to think of 30StM as bandom; mostly because the author who got me into bandom keeps writing about them!(mostly MCR/30StM ones, but lately some that are *just* 30StM.)

2. TMI posts happen occasionally; the TMI will usually be behind a cut, and may contain, well, touchy, disturbing issues. If the thought makes you uncomfortable, then please, just skip reading it! My intentions are usually to ask for advise, or to get something off my chest, but upsetting anyone or making someone 'feel sorry for me' are NEVER my intentions. I don't want pity. Ever. Sympathy is kind of nice, and if my tmi helps someone else with a problem they've had and are trying to cope with, well, that makes me *really* glad! Something good should come out of it, you know? If knowing what happened to me helps someone else, then it makes talking about it worth it to me.
These are the one thing I normally have flocked on here.

3. I'm open-minded. You could say aggressively open-minded; at least for the area I live in, which is a fairly conservative area, and I'm in a smallish farming town, one that has more than its share of bigots. Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia are the kind of thing that will make me actually HATE someone. I'm usually very easy going, but those are topics that get me hot under the collar; I've told customers at work to go eat somewhere else for saying crap about someone's ethnicity, too; more than once.

4. I also collect 'My Little Pony' stuff; I have roughly 1,000 in a shed at my parents' house. That has been stalled lately, due to concerts, less hours at work, and such, but it isn't something I'll suddenly decide to stop. To be honest, the only thing more important to me than the mlps is bandom.

5. What I think I'm saying may not be what you read, lol. I suffer from a big problem with foot-in-mouth, and sometimes I'll think something is perfectly clear, only to find out someone takes it a completely different way. If you aren't sure what I meant, just ask. :) I don't mind, and I'd *much* rather try to explain than have you get the wrong idea about whatever!

6. I refer to my grandma quite a bit; I live with her, take care of her, and so on. She has Alzheimer's, but we're really lucky: she is not a 'wanderer'. She's more likely to forget her meds, or leave the gas on on the stove. She can still work the oven, but I have to keep an eye on her when she does, but the microwave is beyond her now; same with the tv, dvd player, and vcr. She has ~moods sometimes where we're all mean to her, etc., and I'm still trying to convince most of my relatives, and the people at her church, that they need to double check anything she tells them; cause she can't keep things straight at all.
For example, if you ask her, Aunt B. took her car away. The actual facts: DMV took her license away more than a year ago, and the last time she drove, she was lost overnight less than 30 miles from home, and managed to blow her engine, so we donated her car to a charity. Doesn't matter how often we remind her about the DMV, she just says well, I don't remember that...which, yeah grandma, that's kind of the point.

My own memory is pretty bad, so if I, say, forget something important to you, it isn't because I don't care about you, ok? It isn't intentional, in any way, even if it comes across as asshole-ish. I'd never deliberately make someone uncomfortable, but it might happen on accident. If you point it out to me, I *will* apologize, and try harder to remember?

anyway, if you ever decide to de-friend me, there's never any hard feelings. As long as I can still read your fics, lol!
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