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So, like I said, an interesting day. I am sure it will be full of tears, for us all, and I can only hope we don't end up having to give grandma a higher dose of the Xantex the dr. prescribed for her last week. :/ She's been taking half of a pill 3 times a day, so, half of what he said the max was. a whole one at once leaves her dosing in her chair all day, and I HATE it!! on the other hand, though, half of a pill, 3 times a day(so, actually *more*, lol) leaves her able to be herself, just, less likely to get herself worked up over things. I HATE that we have to give her the things at ALL, but she was getting herself so stressed out over things that it was making her Alzheimer's worse, and they were just things she came up with, not real things...things like whether or not the man down the street was caring for his FLAG properly, and well, why does that matter? but once she thinks of something like that, she sticks with the idea for days, making herself worse, noticable over those same days.

Of course, it doesn't help that NONE of us really like the idea of her going and living with my aunt, but, we really don't have any other choice; I can't quit work, and my hours are to irregular for an in-home care person, which is what we're doing at my aunts; she works a normal, 9 to 5 job, unlike me, plus, my cousin still lives at home, and *he* works from noon to 8 pm, so, they'll only need a caretaker for 5 or 6 hours a day. Aunt B has a forceful personality, the kind that runs right over you, then looks back and snaps for you to keep up. Very bossy, in an 'I know best' kind of way, the sort that just grates on my nerves, lol and grandma, well, I take after her, so, not the best combination, when you add in the fact that the disease really limits your ability to filter words and actions. However, there really is No Other Choice; we've looked into a care home, but that will take a year or more, for a good one, and we are NOT willing to settle for anything but a good one, since we *do* have an alternative to a bad one. In the long run, I think a home is our best option, hopefully the same one her brother is in, that way they can visit each other often(he has Parkinson's), plus, that one has lots of activities for those still able to do them: choir, sewing bees and knitting circles, plastic needlepoint, ice cream socials, movie nights, and so on... It's a very good place, and both my grandma and great grandma on my mom's side were in there for several years, until they passed away.

Scarily, it looks like the current plan is for me to remain living here, alone, till they decide what is going to happen with the house. One of the first things I am planning on doing is boxing up grandma's figurines and things, so I don't have to worry about breaking them, and putting them in her room. Cause it's still *her* room, you know? I'm putting anything I'm worried, or think family will want, in there, so I don't have to worry about my cats knocking it over. Hell, I may be pushing the living room furniture in there; the couch and chair, I mean; to keep the cats off of it. my cousin bought it for grandma, and my aunt is allergic to cats, so I don't want her to have problems from cat dander, if she does want it.

In other news, Singer apparently wants us to get on with slashing Bryan with Marshall, the sooner the better, I guess? And am I the only one creeped out by all the slash talk in the replies to the picture? I'm like, ok, yeah, I *know* what those kind of pics lead us to think, but DON'T TELL *HIM* THAT!!!

and of course, if you haven't heard Johnson fussing about fbr_t, well you haven't missed much, imho. He got offended by a really nosey fan getting into his personal life, it sounded like, so then fbr_t got involved, and yeah.
It amazes me how many people got butthurt over the fact that *he* got butthurt, though; he IS young, people, and if we can get pissed over people trash-talking us, then why can't he? And don't tell me "because he's famous", I have NEVER understood that argument, what, someone being famous(which, really, lol! the CAB have fans, but they aren't 'famous' yet, by *any* stretch of the imagination, c'mon.) they should suddenly be able to ignore things said about them?

No, I haven't read whatever was going on at fbr_t. Do I think he over reacted to it? Oh, probably. He's young, and young people are not known for taking criticism well. Do I think he should have simply stepped away from the internet? Hell yes! But, at his age, I would not have been able to keep myself from saying *something* in the face of any criticism, and I was a very shy person, more likely to burst into tears then anything.

Yeah, he probably could have handled it better. Give him time, he'll learn. As for him snapping at the 'fans' who were giving him a hard time about him being pissed, and him talking about how a stalkery fan pissed him off? well, if other bands did a little more of that, there might not be fans so obsessed with them that they put hair in food and such stuff. Drawing a line and expecting fans to stay on their own side of it seams *healthier* to me then the immense over share we get from some of the bands, and well, how is anyone supposed to know he expects them to keep that distance from his personal life if he *doesn't* act upset when the line is crossed?

I am finally getting over this horrible sinus infection from HELL. It was bad enough that the dr. took me off work last week, till this Monday, so my pay check for these 2 weeks is going to be pathetic, between my trip to Vegas, and then being sick a week! Even though I used my vacation time, this check is going to be 25 to 30 hours short from normal. :( that is gonna suck, lol, of course, I want to go see Cobra in Hollywood with most of Cali bandom fans, but who knows if I can afford it or not, plus, taking the grayhound will only get me about 3 miles from west Hollywood at the closest, lol, so I have to look at some more maps before I decide! But, I have already missed Hey Monday's tour, *and* the Cab's tour, this summer, so...

Anyone want to do a road trip? I don't drive, but I'm willing to help pay for gas, or whatever I need to, if anyone is headed that way from Fresno or farther north? Greyhound is gonna be $60, so I'd chip in that much at *least*, if you'll save me from the bus!

*shrugs* this may or may not make sense later. I dunno. It's 2:40 AM as I type this, so, who knows, lol? I think I should be going to bed soon: I need to be up at 8 AM, and it will probably be a very stressful, emotional, 23+ hour day for me: up all day moving grandma, reasoning with her, etc., then work tomorrow night from 4:30 PM to 1 AM, so, if I'm lucky, I'll be in bed by this time tomorrow, lol.
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