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Warning, there is a mini rant on what is probably an unpopular opinion under the cut.

Interviews where he says things like that MTV one, the pic with coke on the table, saying he's gay on twitter, then deleting it later, then this marriage joke? It all screams PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!! to the point where I actually just sigh when I see his tweets. I don't look forward to them anymore, and at this point, I wonder if it's something real, or if he's jerking us around every time he says anything. :(

Honestly, it took this last marriage 'joke' for me to really get this way about him; I think I may view marriage more seriously then a portion of my flist? I don't really think jokes about a person's sexuality and jokes about getting married are very funny. To me, if you *aren't* homosexual, saying you are and then taking it back later, is *very* Not Funny, and pretty far into douchebag territory. There are tons of homosexuality jokes out there, after all; why add to them? Even Pete, as much of a douche as he can be(and we all know he can when he really *wants* to!) has always said he was 'gay above the waist', he never actually claimed he was gay. Most musicians seem to claim they are bi these days, they may not be, but they are at least not making a complete joke out of it, actually 'taking it back' like that!
As for the 'marriage', as open-minded as I am, I have some pretty old-fashioned beliefs about marriage, that it should be a forever thing, and is a Serious Commitment, not to be undertaken lightly. Sometimes, it just doesn't work out, but when you go into it, it should be with the assumption that it *will* be permanent.

My parents have been married for 34 years, and at 58 and 52, are still attracted to each other enough that I *call* before I go over there on the weekends, because there are things I just Do Not Want to See my parents doing! :P

On the other hand, my aunt and her ex-husband are far closer as friends, today, then they *ever* were married, so I do know that some marriages are better off being over. And after babysitting for a couple that used this particular reasoning, DON'T get me started on those who stay together because they think it's 'better for the children'! >:( sure, it's better for your kids to hear you screaming and fighting all the time, then to have divorced parents; better for the kids to be used against one parent or the other, being told no by one parent, and then yes by the other, or vice versa, out of spite for the other parent...

It definitely shouldn't be a complete joke. I'm not really sure *why* this got to me the way it did, I've never taken marriage jokes as anything but a topic to roll my eyes at and mentally go 'how *lame* can you get!' before, but for some reason, finding out *this* was nothing but a joke really offended me.

I have *NEVER* been one to believe in fan entitlement, but there is a point when yeah, you may not owe your fans anything, but you don't treat them like they're mindless and just there for you to play with like toys, either.
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