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huh, well, this looks interesting.
My username has evolved quite a bit from my *first* username, 12 years ago; at that time, my main interests were Sailor Moon fanfiction, and cats, and my favorite numbers were 3 and 9, and 27, since it was 3X9. So, when I set up my very first yahoo email, and geocities site, I chose the username 'moon_kitten_27, and for the next few years, I used various forms of that. However, 'moon_kitten' ended up with me getting hit on, a LOT, online, and well, looking back, I can see why! at the time, though, I was slightly confused about it all...and more then a little nervous about it all! anyway, I was watching Gundam Wing, and my fav char from that was Duo Maxwell, the pilot of Deathscythe. So, I took the 'scythe' from that, but I didn't like the way 'moon_scythe' sounded. I was also re-reading Mary Stewart's Arthurian books, and decided I liked the idea of latin, so, I changed moon to 'luna', and added the R because lunar_scythe sounded better then luna_scythe.

I've been using variations of lunar_scythe for the last 9 years or so, I believe; kind of hard to pinpoint it exactly. Lately, I've also started using Ellelunarscythe; Elle for my middle name, Ellen; I got started using that because I'd forgotten my AIM password, lol, so my normal name was taken, and I had to create a new AIM SN. I've also started an email account with that name; eventually, it may become my name, who knows? Right now, though, I'm on too many sites as lunar_scythe, lunarscythe, and lunar-scythe to want to change that!


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