Jan. 15th, 2009

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well, FOB's coming back to this area, and this time, they're bringing Cobra with them. there's at least 2 dates I can get to, so do I want to go to Sacramento, San Jose, or both? what's everyone else planning on doing? I *will* be getting a hotel room for whichever one or both, lol; as always, I'm willing to share! :P

who cares about Bamboozle left now, lol! getting there was kind of a long shot, anyway; *these* are places I can get to fairly easily! looks like $65 for amtrack if I go to both, lol; home to san jose, san jose to sac, sac to home. $40 if I just go to one. \w/ plus, both are weekday shows, yes! *slightly* less crowded, lol...
that just happens to be the week I turn 30, lol; I'm sure I'll be ready for a concert or two then!
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ok, here, anyone want an AAR/MCR plotbunny we came up with? Bob Bryer and Chris Gaylor as twins, only, parent trap style, they don't know it...
our rambling idea )

anyone want to give this poor bunny a good home?? we're not writers, lol, but we'd *love* to read it!
and yes, lol, this can also be blamed partly on [livejournal.com profile] slashxmistress, who did an AAR picspam and pointed out how much Chris looks like Bob Bryer, lol.


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