Feb. 3rd, 2009

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You know what? I just want to say this tonight. I'm not sure why, but I'm a little contemplative tonight...sometimes, I think it needs to be said, just to remind us.

Never apologize for being yourself.

Seriously. Just be the best *you* you can, and the rest of the world can fuck off. If you can't be *yourself*, then who are you? If people can't take you being *you*, who needs them?

I'm not saying you shouldn't always try to be a better person, or anything like that. But don't apologize because you have things to work on, you know? So you have a temper. So you tend to shove your foot down your *throat*, not just in your mouth. So you can be too sensitive, or not sensitive enough. Apologize for the *action*, yeah; try not to, say, bite off someone's head the next time, yeah. But don't apologize for having an opinion or whatever. Don't let yourself feel miserable for making a *mistake*. As long as you know who you are, and that you are trying to improve yourself, then who gives a shit what others think of you, you know? They aren't you, can never be you, and can never *know* you the way you know yourself.

The road to hell may be paved with good intentions, but trying has to count for something, right?
Never really understood organized religion in the first place; especially all the twenty million forms of Christianity.
I stick to the basics, you could say: be aware of yourself; your strengths and weaknesses. Try to *think* often, do what you feel is right. Love is never 'wrong'; but remember, obsession, lust, and love are all different things. The three sometimes share space, but they are all separate things, and all three combined are not really a good thing...
Part of the *think* idea: make decisions based on facts, not the opinions of others...even the opinions of those who raised you are still *opinions* not facts. Try to leave the world a little better in some way, every day; open a door for a senior, tell someone how much they mean to you, volunteer. Donate blood(if you can.) Hell, just mark the little 'organ donor' spot on your ID or License; it's not like *you'll* need them anymore if you die, right? Try to catch that stray cat you see every day, and get it into a trap/alter/release facility. There's tons of little things you can do *every* day that will make a difference to someone, and cost you nothing.... you just have to learn to look for them!

darn it!!!!

Feb. 3rd, 2009 10:15 am
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now I really want to go to Bamboozle Left for my BD!!!!!!!!

hm....I do NOT think it's possible, though. Because I have NO RIDE. Geeze, I'm getting my license and my car fixed ASAP, so I don't have to miss things like this again!!!!

How come they *do* this to me, lol! *facepalm* I know the bands for this have probably been set for months, but jeese. I said this back on January 23rd, IN this journal, lol:
If TAI..., GCH, the Used, or Panic is added to the list along with FOB, I may break down and try to find a way there after all! If 30stm or MCR(I know, yeah right! but if I'm dreaming, I might as well dream big, right?) is added, I WILL be there, one way or another.

AND THEN THE USED AND FOB DO GET ADDED TO THE LIST!!! STOP DOING THIS TO ME!!! I JUST CANNOT HANDLE THIS, LOL. I mean, yes, thanks for turning my b-day week into such a week full of concerts, lol, but, it's NOT fair that I can't GO!!!


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