Feb. 12th, 2009

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*grins* I swear it seems at least once I week, I'm posting something along the lines of "Bandom is the best, most entertaining fandom I've ever wandered into" and I'm so thankful to lisa_roquin for posting that very ^first* bandom fic, and to [livejournal.com profile] t_usual_suspect for introducing her to bandom, lol!

but it's true every single time, lol! We have Singer rambling on about how he waited *years* for his girl; a girl he only knew for a few days, met on a trip 4 1/2 hours from his home, guys! Laguna Beach is quite a ways from Las Vegas, you know? I actually AWE'd out loud! On the other hand, I hope he talked to her about posting that before he did, cause, jfc, boy, you're in a *band* and have little teenies following you; they tend to hate on gfs and wives of band members for no other reason then that they are jealous, as far as I can tell. While it's sweet he obv. loves her very much, and wants everyone to know about it, *she* may not be quite so happy with the results, given some of the things other S.O.'s have been put through. Hope she's put her myspace/facebook whatever private! And of course, he and Ian so excited to be rollerskating at a rink...or attempting to, lol!

And Gerard Way, lol, with his newly-rekindled love for Frankenberry cereal, and why does it seem like the mention the other day that Bob was in L.A. looking for a house has not really gotten much attention? Seriously, between Pete, Patrick(sometimes, I guess?), Gerard, Bob, Brendon, Ryan, and possibly Spencer(no one seems to sure, but honestly, I can't really imagine Spencer and Ryan living 4 hours away from each other, can you? They seem to be pretty co-dependent...); the rest of bandom needs to move to L.A. too; then we can have them randomly running into each other all over the place, right? *snickers* that would completely eleminate all the handwaving of 'they are on tour together, even if they never have toured together' that we do, right?

and in real life, I had the most entertaining day yesterday! So, let me tell you about it! )

ok, this is a mile long, going to stop now, lol... In conclusion: there are wonderful, kind, gentle people out there, maybe not many, but they *are* out there. Keep being friendly, and don't let the assholes stop you from finding those wonderful ones!

*edited to add*

hey, something I just thought of, how come the Alexs in the Cab don't go by, say, their middle names? Or like, one be Alex, one be Lex, and one be Xan, or something? (yes, my other fandoms are showing. just hush.) I know Singer signs his blogs; 'Alexander Michael', he, at least, could use any of those...


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