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Today, I went back and was re-reading some of last years' BBB fics, and I had forgotten how incredible some of them were! I read through them all so fast, and managed to read them all on the day they were posted, so, many of them blurred together in my mind.

Here's a list of a few I think are worth a re-read; ones that, for one reason or another, are not rec'd very often, I guess. oh, I'm sure if we read MCR at all we've read the 'Unholy verse' by now, and most Panic readers have read A Brokedown Melody, but what about some of these others? There are tons more good fics there; these are just the ones that, for one reason or another, stood out to me today, when going over the list.

All links take you to the stories' masterpost on the BBB site; summaries are from the BBB masterlist.

My Chemical Romance

A Note To Follow So
Bob Bryar goes from being the sound guy for The Used to the drummer in My Chemical Romance, finding time to kiss Brian Schechter along the way.

Not Dead, Only Sleeping
When she cries, Mikey tries to remember everything he read and Alicia told him. He tries to support her head and not drop her and keep his voice calm and soothing, even if he feels grimy from sleeping on the couch without a sheet, where a spring cuts into his back for most of the night--when he's not pacing with Deirdre in his arms, hips bumping against the counter because he's too sleep-starved to keep his pacing in a straight line

Bob Bryer's Secret Baby Project
Bob Bryar is a man of mystery, even Frank says so. What if there was a reason for his reticence?

The Fall and Rise of The Black Parade
“So after that, I started thinking—okay, maybe this place isn’t anything I ever heard about in school or church. But then again, maybe it is. Maybe this is Purgatory. And I always had the idea that Purgatory was kind of like prison, y’know, you gotta serve your sentence and the only thing that’s gonna get you out quicker is good behavior or having friends in high places. But maybe—maybe you don’t have to just sit around waiting for someone to tell you your sentence is up. Maybe Purgatory ends when you get yourself out of it.”

In This White House
White House AU. President Way saves lives.

Fall Out Boy

All The Young Dudes
Friends since middle school, Pete, an up and coming model, and Patrick, a photographer just starting transition from female to male, attempt to make it in the city as a couple in the city.


A Little Piece With You
The boys form a jazz band at a Chicago speakeasy in the late 1920s. (Mostly, a fic inspired by "I Have Friends in Holy Spaces".)

Apple Shampoo
“Don't tell me I should be their manager,” Ryan says, glaring at the road. Pete pauses. “Ok. Well, I was about to, but I guess you already know.”

Like Your Favorite Memory
Futurefic, post break-up. Panic goes on hiatus, and Jon begins to withdraw from his bandmates. He barely speaks to any of them anymore, least of all Spencer, leaving their relationship to crumble, unresolved. When the band decides to reunite almost three years later to try writing and recording a new album in a loft in Chicago, Jon needs to figure out his own place in the band and sort out the thing he has with Spencer if they want to be able to make this record and put the band back together again.

Hope some of you find something to read on that list, lol!


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