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You're having to leave. you have 30 minutes to grab whatever will fit into a carry-on(22X14X9 inches), but that's all you can take, and there's no chance of coming back to grab anything else. Don't worry about other people, or pets, someone will help with them, they don't count in your 30 minutes, or something. You'll have money to buy stuff when you get there, so you don't need to worry about much as far as clothing and shit goes.

what do you take? what possessions would you fill the bag with?

First things grabbed would be my laptop and my phone. they are truly the most important possessions to me, lol; all of my pictures are on one or the other of them, most of my tax junk, and so on, too. Next, it'd be more sentimental type things; my teddy bear Bosley, who is as old as I am, and still sits on my bed. The handful of childhood my little ponies I have over here, my high school yearbooks. My white Bluebelle factory error collection, the couple of autographed things I have here; a little purse, a couple of cds, my warped tour bag. my tax papers and that shit. My Cobra Starship scarf, my Cobra, Drive By, and MCR hoodies, my FOB bag. My pins/buttons, some of the merch shirts and my little pony t-shirts I would never be able to replace. my mp3 player. my camera. the lavender throw that was my great grandma's, and folds up so tiny. my smallest Australian plush Rainbow Dash pony. I wish I could take my guitars, but they're too big for my imaginary duffle; so I'll take one last pic of each of them before I leave, and stick a note on them asking whoever finds them to give them to someone who will value them; they aren't worth anything really, but I'd hate to think they'd just get tossed in the garbage. My MCR mask. My custom-made persona pony, my WoWL ninja pony. my handmade necklace, my Whisper War bracelet, and my 2 mlp bracelets would be on me. So would my lanyard from the pony convention.

Wow, that one really made me think about how little most of my possessions mean to me, tbh. Why do I have so much crap when it means so little to me?
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boy, I've been spamity today! last one for today, I promise! (when it's 10 till midnight, that's an easy one to keep....)

here's that one floating all over the place; I tag whoever wants to do it, if you haven't yet! :)
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