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Amazon fails, which, I'm hoping you already know what I'm talking about. If you don't, amazon has instituted a new thing where 'adult' books are now stripped of the sales rank. these adult things include the majority of books dealing with GLBT, and other alternative lifestyles(such as BDSM), from fiction, to non-fiction, to biographies; explicit or not. Yet equally, if not more explicit, books containing heterosexual, 'accepted' relationships, have not been.

Also such horrifically adult material as a self-help book for suicidal and depressed teens are included in having their sales rank removed. I have NEVER been so disappointed in a book store in my LIFE. Books, to me, are about knowledge, education, and opening your horizons. Yes, that includes fiction, to me; just because a story isn't real doesn't mean it can't teach you something; surely you remember that from when you were a kid!
I *do* wish occasionally that there were *warnings* on books full of explicit sex scenes, but censorship is wrong and double standards like in this situation are even worse! Honestly, if books like Laurel K. Hamilton's aren't considered adult, then why is half this stuff? I honestly wish I'd been warned before trying her stuff; from the back cover blurbs, they don't sound anywhere near as explicit!

Petition against the new policy. Please, PLEASE sign it. I don't know how much good it'll actually do, but if we don't TRY to change things, we have no real right to complain about them!


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