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We're on our way to Sac. airport, to pick up my little sister and her baby, Issac. Issac(my mom calls him Bubbas...) is 10 months old, and mom is the only one of us who has met him. so, at the airport, we will most likely find a cranky mommy and a hyper baby, lol, since when she called me between planes, Issac had slept the whole flight. Cass joked he's doing it to make her feel stupid, lol; she packed a bunch of things to keep him busy, so of course he's sleaping through the flight! I pointed out he sounds just like she was as a baby. she told me to shut up, lol. :P

Anyway, I'm a little giddy about seeing them, not just to meet the baby, but also since I haven't seen Cass in, shoot, a year and a half? She's my little sister, and my closest friend, for all that there's 9 years between us; and I've *missed* the brat! This is actually the longest we've ever gone without seeing each other, lol. We weren't close when she was little, but once she hit about 14 or so, we've been the kind of sisters who do everything together, shopping, movies, whatever. We have similar tastes in most things, from anime and manga, to books, to clothes. Lol, I don't know if our music tastes are similar any more, since I've gotten into bandom, but I plan on introducing her to my stuff. I'm pretty sure she'll like Panic, if nothing else; her favorite has always been the Beatles, all the way back to when she was like, 5 or 6.


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