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Ok, so as you know, flist, this was my first time seeing all of these bands except for the CAB. Like most of my recaps have been, lol, this has lots of things left out or forgotten, I'm sure! I have a ton of crappy photos, but to avoid killing your comps, I'm gonna do my normal thing and only post my favorites; if you want to see the rest, go here:

my photobucket is public. :) If anyone wants to use these for anything, well, credit is nice, but I'm not gonna fuss about it. :) lol, my pics aren't quality or anything, so who cares! lol, some of them I'm not sure anyone would want to claim they took!
Also, hi everyone!! Whether I met you in line, at the show, or after, I had a blast hanging out with you, even if I forgot your name!(cough*everyone*cough)
concert shanigans!! )
I'm gonna do a separate post later about after-concert shenanigans, the merch I got, and so on, because this is getting very long, lol, but for now, let me just say (again!) it was a blast!
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wow, I can't believe I go see the CAB tomorrow! It's going to be me, Megan, and possibly Joe from work. /o\? \o/? I dunno. He's a nice kid, but Megan has a crush. If nothing else, even though he's only 19, he's well-versed in 80's movies and classic sci-fi! I don't even know if he likes this kind of music!

Let's see, recap from Saturday )

Then the L.A. trip: )

Anyway, flist, are any of you going tonight to the show?
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I will be watching the last concert of my 'concert week'. :)

the plan right now:

Saturday @ CSU Stanislaus: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Monday @ Genghis Cohen, Las Angeles: Unison Music Presents Peech, Marianne Keith, and Noah Sugerman.
Thursday @ The Exit, Fresno: Why So Serious Tour.
This will double the number of concerts I've been to, all in one week! We actually talked about hitting RJA on Sunday, too, but Megan doesn't want to miss her class on Monday, and if we're driving down there for that, we'd end up staying down there for the Monday show, from here to LA is about 5 hours.

The two girls who make up the core of Peech are friends of my roommate, she's their 'superfan', lol. We may end up crashing at their house that night, lol, Megan and her sister have both been invited down before, for 5 days one time, and then a little over a week the other time. In fact, Megan's seeing them twice in that week or so, Monday in LA, and then the next Saturday in Modesto at the Stanislaus Pride Festival. I've never seen the others play, but Peech is ok. not great, lol, but ok, in that 'sure, I like them, but would I pay money to see them? I dunno' kind of way. *shrugs* Megan wants to go, and I have the day off, if I go with her, her mom won't worry so much. Why not? They're kind of indie/pop/rock; at least, that's what it says on their myspace!
I'm still trying to go to Rockband, also, but transportation/time off/a place to crash are all issues for that. If I go to the Sunday one at Arco arena in Sacramento, it'll be easier to get the time off, but transportation is more difficult then, lol. If I go to the SJ one, it'll be harder to get the time off work, but transportation is a lot easier. Between the two, I know a lot of you on my flist are going to the SJ one; is anyone going to the Arco Arena one? I'd love to meet some of you, for all that I'm a little shy of commenting on here, lol.


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