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Seriosly, why did I have to get sick? only good thing is I don't get pukey! but still, hate this. Austin is stuck manning my booth, while I'm stuck in the hotel room. However, he did text me to say I won a raffle, lol, & since I only entered2, I won eiter a box set of art ponies, or a complete set of exclusives from the fair, including Bay Breeze, who there's only 250 of, & ppl had to sign a contract agreeing not to put it on ebay, so, it's pretty rare, lol.
ugh. hate this. I'm never good at being have when I'm sick, plus, no internet, so it's even worse!
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Today I bought the newest version of DDR for the ps2; I can't play it till I clean and organise my room, cause there's nowhere big enough to put the dance mat! plus, excercise, which was another thing I said I needed motivation for, and *that* should help with the eating part, too; kind of *have* to eat more then a quick snack if I play very often, right?
I think I found that motivation I was looking for


Sep. 23rd, 2008 12:45 pm
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'where I'm sitting' is in a little recording studio, for one of the Unison artists' new song. Becca and I are sitting in the sound booth, Megan is in the room with the band, videotaping it for them. I just think it's funny; the one time I've been in LA in 10 years, and I'm missing it by just hours. :( We can't stay, though, I hate to be at work at 5:30 am tomorrow, and Becca has to go to school, lol. Her mom called her in sick yesterday and today so she could come; she's only 16. I think we may go look for food soon, lol.


Sep. 23rd, 2008 12:33 pm
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Flist, why is the donut drop less then 2 blocks from where I'm siitting, yet 6 hours after I have to leave?! not on, Pwentz. not on.


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