Feb. 8th, 2009

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I'm trying a self made challenge, guys: 7 days lacto-vegetarian, to try it, and see if that's something I can do. I know, I always said there's no way I could do this, I like meat too much, but. Well, I realized last night, the only meat I've eaten in over a week? was the salami, bacon, and pepperoni on my pizza, and really, is it *that* difficult to avoid *that* little bit? Oh, and I had a beef, bean, and cheese burrito one night, too.
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I *really* wanted a honeycomb-type cereal last week, so I got a big bag of the generic. This was just like, a day or so before I stopped toying with the idea, and started thinking more along the lines of 'well if I'm gonna *do* this, I need to start figuring out what to get...'

Guess what? Malt_o_Meal generic Honeycomb type cereal, Honey Buzzers? well, they have honey in them, of course, but they contain 25% DV of B12, and 50% DV of Iron, in 1 1/3 cup, dry, and 26g carbs. So, 2 cups of this a day will be fine, and there's all my iron and half of my B12, lol!

My subconcious was planning ahead for me, I guess!


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