Feb. 11th, 2009

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I seem to be a lot more flighty without my caffeine, lol. can't you tell?

I seem to be loosing my taste for Pepsi somewhat, in that can no longer stand more than a little bit of it(like, 8 oz. is plenty, thanks!) at once. Which is a good thing, lol; if I no longer like it, then the lack of caffeine doesn't bug me as much, right? I drink it so much, I never noticed the aftertaste, lol, till now, when I'm drinking so much less.

Yesterday, I had a nifty little pasta pre-cooked bag, those ones by Bistro that you microwave for 90 seconds? I can't remember the name, but the corkscrew shaped pasta with tomato sauce is *very* good; I actually had that twice so far this week. It's just the right size for me, too, which is pretty rare. So much of that stuff is either not *enough* or it's way too much. I haven't been as good in the past day and a half with getting the vitamins and shit that I should be, lol; going to try to do better for the rest of the week, honest!

I was going to use my American Express to buy the Sacramento tickets, but it wouldn't let me, had to be a Visa or MC!! so, as long as I can get to the bank this afternoon, I *should* be ok...I just have to put all my cash into there, lol, and it'll be covered.I'm going to go over by about $25.00, but I have $30 in cash, so as long as nothing clears early, lol, I'll be fine! I think I'll be ok if I don't spend any more this week, but it's gonna be close, lol...course, now I won't have any money for this weekend, either, when Austin is here, lol. I *could* use my paypal card; that takes a few days to go through, and I get paid on Tuesday, but I HATE to count on that. Maybe I'll ask mom if I can borrow some cash till Tuesday; she knows how I'm looking forward to his visit....


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