May. 2nd, 2009

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*sigh* why the hell do I get all obsessed and emotionally over-invested in things that for everyone else, they happen, then they're over and done with? Seriously, I get way too worked up over the most ridiculous things...

Like at work; the guys acted like idiots the other night, I got all pissed, told them grow up or I was leaving for the night; I didn't come in to work on *my day off*, which they had to *beg* me to give up, seriously, to be stuck doing all their shit while they goofed off! Arguing over who has to take out the garbage, in front of customers, then *both* taking off to do the garbage, leaving no one to make the food? I had to finish taking the order, appologise to the family, go wash my hands, and make the food. Took probably 3X as long as it should have. And then they try to say I was just pissed cause we were busy? Yeh, sure. Actually had me pissed *past* the point of crying, which, has only happened one other time in my whole *life*; I get pissed, I cry, just the way I am, lol. So, I called the manager, told him unless he thought they'd listen to him, I was going to leave for the night, it'd slowed down, all of the pre-close stuff in the kitchen was done... Course, he convinced me to stay, got them to settle some, but still thinking about it, wondering what they told him, you know? lol, I know he's all buddy-buddy with the two clowns...

Anyway, lots of stuff like that sticks in my head forever, gets me to the point of tears sometimes, and then I feel stupid, because it's *always* stuff I know that everyone else has forgotten all about, but, I never can seem to. I get myself all worked up worrying about things no one else even cares about anymore!

It gets annoying, but, I have yet to figure I way to *stop* it. Telling myself not to worry, or other people telling me not to worry, just doesn't seem to work, lol.


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