May. 30th, 2009

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So, bandom today:

first and most recent, I am WAY too amused at the current shenanigating, as far as lurking icecreamhdaches goes, lmao!

First, Pete post the shirt, which, half of the ppl seeing it on the blog are going 'huh? IDGI...' at

Then *Jensen* proves to be lurking at ICH, reading the comments about the shirt, based on what he twittered...

Then, an 'anon' at ICH says 'ICH, where BANDS stalk *you*' which is *so* appropriate for the subject, lmao...

And now FBR_T starts complaining *they* don't get a shirt...

oh, and of course, we had Ray Toro, calling Gerard both 'Gee', and saying he's busy doing 'babydaddy stuff'...

what next?

Seriously, bandom, what new wonders will you have for me tomorrow? I think one of the things I LOVE about this fandom is the way there's constantly things going on. there's never a 'dry spell', like with a book or tv show based fandom, you know? Course, NOTHING can ever top the PEOPLE I have met through bandom, truly. the music is great, wonderful, and can hit just the right cord in me to influence my emotions, which is a huge part of why it's so good, but the people...that is the true blessing from bandom.

♥ to all you wonderful people!


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